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Hello There. Welcome to

This spot on the web is my journal if you will of all the randomness that appears day by day. I just enjoy pulling up a blank page and adding another day’s adventures to the history log here on Living4Real.

My goal for this blog has always been to give me an outlet to write my thoughts and to practice the skill of writing. My goal also includes the challenge of writing articles you all would find interesting. I hope I have succeeded in that thus far and that the more I write, the more I enhance my style.

Since I’ve been writing on this blog for years, the topics and categories have changed time and time again. Currently, what I write covers several topics. I have divided them below for organization, but they are not actually under these categories divisions.

  • Link Roundup – An entry that covers websites and topics I’ve found helpful or interesting of late. Be warned! Randomness abounds here (at least that is what I have been told).
  • Take 5 Break – For those times in the work/school day when you just need to take a break!
  • Quotes I Say – Quotes are all over my place on sticky notes. I decided to share noteworthy finds.
  • Tutorials – I enjoy writing tutorials, ranging from installations to using certain websites to programming and designing, etc. On that note, I have started publishing a few of them here.
  • Did You Say Movies? – I enjoy films and find writing about them (quotes, quizzes, reviews) is quite fun.

I used to write to particular post categories on different days of the week. However, I’ve ceased from this schedule and I write as I have something to write about.

My tastes are a bit eclectic and only grow more so with each passing week. So I hope you enjoy and find something to make you laugh.

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