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Happy July 6th to you all! I missed saying ‘Happy July 4th’, but then, I thought I could wish you a happy day today anyway.

It is good to be writing to you again. I’ve kinda left you in the dark since the first of the year. I’m amazed that it is already July.

Several things have influenced my lack of writing. One of those things is the way my site deals with server usage by randomly adding ad videos. I really do not like how my site requires you to deal with these ads. Since I like to share fun videos I stumble across, you are accustomed to clicking on videos.

So when it came to my attention that a few of you were clicking on videos you thought I posted, only to find they were indeed ads, I did not like that. I completely understand why it is being done to my site, but I do not think it is a good fit for me or for you, my reader. I want all of us to have a great time on my site without having ads (video or text) cropping up unannounced.

In light of this, I have decided to make some changes. I am excited about the changes because they revolve around me focusing on my own web presence and the different avenues I have available for connecting with you. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

What have you been up to lately? Did you see any good fireworks on the 4th? You can send a comment below!

Over the last month or so I watched just about a whole season of a current tv show for the first time in forever. I’m serious. That is not something I type often. But I am this year.

What was the show you ask? The Voice Season 4. Wow. I was amazed by the talent. The song choices were interesting and the delivery was awesome. Several times conversations in my living room were similar to: “Did you just hear that?” “Yeah – and it was live!” “Live and it sounded fantastic!” …you get the idea.

You could tell the contestants were practicing. But they were also having fun – and that is something I find important. Especially when it comes to music. Seeing the coaches encouraging and building them up is exactly what they needed – it is what we all need really. Think about it…if you had that in school, you might actually like some of the subjects you now innately hate.

From appearances at least, The Voice seems to respect music as an art form. I tip my hat to that.

I’m excited as I look forward to what is coming in the year ahead! Join the journey with me and reach for your goals. If you need some encouragement on a consistent (but not over-the-top) basis, subscribe to Dan Miller’s 48days.com blog. I get it in my inbox and find it immensely encouraging. I have started telling everyone I meet, who has that dreamy look in their eye, to start reading Miller’s posts. It will inspire you to go do your dream.

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