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Hello Everyone!

It is good to be writing to all of you.

I am pleased to report that within this new year I have only written 2012, by mistake, once. Yes, only one time.

I’ve set a record.

Today will be a short post as I have a lot of things to check off of my ‘to-do’ list. I mainly wanted to say, Howdy! I’ll have to post my latest forays over the weekend.

Fedora Live CD Latest and a Question:

On the computer front, I’ve been attempting to run a live cd of Fedora to test out the operating system. Cue a sad face. I’ve gotten really aggravated because I cannot seem to find instructions that explain how to simply run the cd itself.

I’ve found websites where I could download the program; instructions on installing the program; instructions on burning a diss; and advice on setting up a usb drive.

That’s all fine. But I just need to know how to run a live disc. Period. One person told me to simply use F8. But I have yet to get that to work.

So, on that lone tech front, I’ve found lots of dead ends without an exit to the maze.

If anyone of you know anything about running live Fedora cds, please feel free to chime in with a comment! And, if you do not know anything about this topic, but might know of someone who might have an answer, or a link, please send them this post!

Hopefully the next time I write to you guys and gals, I can post an answer/tutorial for the current conundrum.

Talk Soon,