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Happy Saturday Folks out there in earth land.

Well, glancing at my clock, it is approaching Sunday a lot quicker than I realized. Is anyone else out there finding it difficult to acclimate to the time change?

Tonight we watched 3/4ths of the football game between Clemson and….er…wait a minute…who were they playing against again? Who’d you say — NC State? … *pause* … Who are they?

Naw, really. I couldn’t believe the night State was having. It was awful. Awful I tell you! I think Mr. and Mrs. Wuf should go give those guys a pep talk. Don’t you?

After we’d taken all we could take from the game, we all became seekers of the remote! It wasn’t that it was a game that I took sides on per se- it just was awful to watch.

Did I say awful?

Desperately, we turned the channel and discussed what movie to watch. The night started with the idea of ‘show us that scene in this movie‘. That statement was soon followed by ‘let’s watch the highlights of the film‘. And then that statement was followed with a ‘let’s watch the next film in the series!!’ Lol.

Have you ever put a dvd in to watch one scene and ended up watching the whole thing? Can you relate?

If you are wondering what series took this turn, I’ll tell you. Bourne. Namely the second and third installments of the current Matt Damon versions. (Not the ’88 version. Remember it?).

I can’t believe I sat there and watched both 2 & 3 at the same time, but I did. It was great to just sit back and take 5. It is the weekend after all! What better time to take 5.

As the final installment’s credits rolled, we looked at the clock. It was late. But I was wide awake. So, I said the natural thing, albeit rather facetiously, “I need to watch something else to relax a bit – Let’s watch RED!” Har, har. 🙂

Is anyone looking forward to the new Bourne flick? Do you think it sounds fun or do you think it could lessen the story behind the films?

I’m still pondering the significance behind the statement, “there was never just one.”

I guess in the end, if the film entertains, it will be labelled a hit. My hope? That the plot is substantial. The acting, action, and music is action-movie-smile-inducing. And the profanity is nil.

Ghost Protocol just about proves you can have an action script without falling back on pollutant language.

I mean, after all, isn’t Hollywood all for going green?


Until next time,

Keep Living4Real 🙂