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Christmas is a’comin’ and…

I know this might sound a bit premature, but, honestly, I’d sure like to turn on my radio station and hear Andy Williams or Bing Crosby singing a Christmas tune! 😀

I told you that you would think it was too early.

But hey, what can you do? If you are in the Christmas spirit, there you have it – I almost put up our Christmas tree TWO weeks ago. Count ’em…1…2. So I think I’m doing pretty good. [When I suggested the idea I got ‘the look’].

Why am I humming Christmas tunes this early you ask?

Well, I’m blaming it on the fudge – best fudge ever. You see, I have never, ever, ever made fudge before. My grandmother would always buy me some from this nice fudge shop she’d visit when she went on trips to the mountains. And I never thought about making some in my own kitchen because I thought it was difficult to make (another grand example of ignorance driving action.)

Then, one day, a friend from college sent me an email with ‘The Recipe’ – and that was it. I think it is my favorite recipe flavor yet. And get this – it tasted as brilliant as any fudge I have ever purchased before… and by brilliant I mean better than. 🙂

I emailed my friend back to tell her of my fudge success, stating we should open up a fudge shop.

She never responded.


Lol. So anyway. My actions of late have only served to place me even more in the Christmas spirit. All the Christmas magazines are coming in, I’ve already listened to several Christmas Carol radio production(s) 2 1/2 times through, eaten cranberry sauce 3-4 times (once with those twice a year green peas)…

Oh, did I mention I went to my local library and checked out about 7 Christmas movies?

Before you say anything – the movies were just sitting on the shelf…give it another week or two and there will be holds galore on those things with people just waiting to watch them. So, I’m just beating the rush. Haha…

I only wish I’d started a month before now.

Have you started your Christmas preparations? Have you started planning your New Years Party? What are you planning in either (or both) cases?

Until Next Time,
Keep Living4Real
Romans 10:9-10

P.S. I’ve started scanning my Spotify playlists from last year. I’ll have to post some song suggestions soon! Here’s hoping Amazon will do the ‘Countdown to Christmas’ song giveaway like they have the last two years.