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Happy Take5 Wednesday everyone!

I hope this post will serve as a break from the serious things you are doing today, be it work-related, school-related, or weather-related. My heart and prayers are going out to all who were affected by this storm. I received reports via Facebook that my favorite beach area and pier was unharmed, and for that I am thankful. And I’ve gotten word from friends who have family up north who said everyone is safe. That is awesome. And another friend reported she was to be getting snow!

In my area we are suppose to reach the 70s today. I can’t wait! I dug through my closet with one thought on the brain – layers. One shirt I decided to wear is my NYC shirt, a form of support.

Break Anyone?

I know everyone has been busy. You’ve got stress coming from all sides. So, what do I always say is a great way to zone out the stress? Other than a few doses of scripture?


Yes, actually, that is a shoutin’ word.

During my college days, I thanked God continually for the creation of the iPod and the concept behind it. I went to college on a beautiful campus. There were trees and places to sit and study everywhere. I guess the downside to that was you had a long walk to certain classes (horror memory: walk to Chemistry class). But on the days I was stressed, especially one particular day, when I had a boat load of exams, my iPod was a respite – I’d filled it with encouraging tunes you see.

I remember that day. The weather was overcast, clouds blocked out most of the sun. I was bundled up – in layers – and my gray cells were covered by one of my favorite hats. The wind was wonderful because it mingled with the trees and made music of its own accord. Anyway, I was all stressed and I started playing a cd I had just put on my iPod. It was a new album by Aaron Shust, who by the way can lead worship great anywhere, even in a food court! The lyrics (yes, I listen to lyrics) and the melody finished painting an amazing picture. I actually had extra time so I stopped walking and just took in everything around me. I talked to the Lord a bit about what was ahead of me that day. And you know what? By the time I got to the building for my next exam, I was totally at ease and actually felt peace. Try it sometime.

Soooo, the videos for this week – what should they be?

I’d been pondering that question for a few days and then I remembered something. A family member emailed me a few fun videos of a recent YouTube rabbit trail they got on. It led them to some amazing videos and they thought they’d share them with me.

The topic you ask? Well, it involves music…and…live music at that…ready for it? Music performed on the street by amazing entertainers.

Now the email had a lot of videos, but I picked out these two to show you today.

Cigo Man Band

This guy takes the term one-man band to a whole new level. And I’ve been trying to figure out his sound setup…I’m thinking he is using a portable amp? Maybe? Enjoy. The music is grand! I am not sure what the song title is, so if you know it post it to the comments! 😀


Dub FX :: Made

Loopers in the spotlight

If you have every gotten to play with something called a ‘looper’ or had the opportunity to watch someone else play with a looper, I am pretty confident that you were as amazed as I was. It is the coolest idea/concept and your creations are limitless.

Well, this next video is of a guy who uses a looper to create an entire song and he explains how it works. Stick with the video because he breaks down the whole thing and shows you how it is done.

When I watched that video the first time, I was explaining what was going on to a person watching it with me. The cool thing was – I’d say what the pedals were doing before the guy did – and when he did explain what was happening – I had explained the happenings right! 😀

Wasn’t that a cool, fun Take5 break?

Now, just to let you know – you might be watching more street entertainers for next week’s break. I’m just sayin’ … and if you feel at that point the topic is a bit monotonous (gasp! How could you?!), blame it on the YouTube related searches sidebar – it is as addicting as the Movie Spoilers archives! 😉

So, until next time,
Keep Living4Real – and praying for everyone affected by the storm, those who lost and those who are working to restore.

Psalms 91

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