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Top of the morning to you!

It’s Monday morning in case you missed that fact. Which I doubt you did.

It’s still morning yet so much has happened. I awoke with a mission to update my schedule and reorganize a few things. I had my iPod playing to Kutless’ Take Me In yesterday, so I played it as I made my coffee this a.m. Terrific song to get started with in the morning, I just discovered – (I am in no way a morning person by nature, though I am considering praying about having a small portion of said morning person nature added to my personality.) – the song woke me up and I was ready to get things done on my list before even drinking my coffee (an unheard of feat.)

During my third time playing the song in a row, my iPod said, “give. me. battery. charge. please”, a lot in the same tone and manner as SpongeBob cried out for water in the Tea at the Treedome episode. 🙂

I am also happy, extremely happy, to report that I wrote a poem this morning, although at the rate we are going, it just might be morphed into song lyrics shortly. I’ve finally started getting inspired once again to write. I think part of that is because I’ve started studying in God’s Word more (always a great place to get the creative juices going. Really.). And I’ve gotten over all the college craziness two degrees at full-time can bring to one’s existence.

After filing my newly penned poem away, it was onward to the web.

Sitting down at my wonderful friend of a computer, I started answering emails. And I noticed it. Something was not working right – my fingers were on the right keys and typing the right keys. But the right keys were not appearing in my emails. Gasp! What happened.

Then I saw it. My computer was defaulting to the Spanish keyboard palette. After switching that over, again, I moved on to the next order of affairs.


It was then that I realized when I went back to add a fourth quote to my Andy Andrew’s Quotable Thursday blog over the weekend – I some how, don’t ask me how, duplicated one of the quotes and lost one. Ahh. So that is now on the to-do list.

I’ve also started a blog post on installing Git. It is a new world for me but I’m learning fast and I thought a blog with helpful links might be helpful. I’m also going to finish my Pinterest blog shortly and I’m excited about it and to see what you all think of the format etc.

Things you might find interesting depending on your field or interests.

If you are in to coding and/or all things web-related field, you might find this interesting – I am working with CodeIgniter (a website framework) and having some fun… I’m watching a series of tutorials on YouTube and Nettuts+ called, “CodeIgniter from Scratch.” Check it out!

I’m reading some tutorials on creating backgrounds in Photoshop, jogging my memory and all that. Just go to your favorite search engine and look up the background style you are interested in: flowers, abstracts, grunge (which by the way means anything with a weathered look to it. I SO was not putting that definition to that style of background.). But be sure to look closely at the tutorial screenshots, if the person doing the tutorial is using a different version of Photoshop to your version, things might be done differently (i.e. one version you can group the previous layer with another whilst in another version, to get the same effect, you have to right click on the layer and create a clipping mask. Speaking from personal experience I am.)

Did I mention Wal-mart has a dog costume that is Yoda?

If your thing is UI design or you just like pretty icons and freebies, check out Premium Pixels. I found them through a friend yesterday and I was amazed. It is quality content that will just make you as giddy as a kid at Christmas. It is a site done by UK Web Designer Orman Clark, who incidentally not only gives out amazing freebies, but who also has created some elegant WordPress themes for sale over at ThemeZilla.com

“Why are you saying all this you ask?” Well, I’ll tell you. As I’ve been finding and signing up for Freebie sites for inspiration, I’ve started to get really annoyed at the added ads, strings attached, etc. This site is just giving out awesome freebies and isn’t junking up my inbox or wasting my time. Plus, I have a sneaky suspicion that the people behind the two sites are open to open source. I got to watch the ‘Big Buck Bunny’ movie trailer on one of the demo WordPress themes. 🙂

Also, speaking of Open Source, if you have not yet bookmarked OpenClipArt.org, go thou and do so right now.

Oh, and a family member informed me of something wonderful – one of our local radio stations will commence playing Christmas Carols starting November 23rd. Goody, Goody, Joy, Joy.

I hope my Monday link roundup was fun for you. I used to do them for all my college mates via email. Last night, while looking for a fudge recipe in my email archives, I saw some of the older emails…and I thought I should start doing it again…here. So, I hope you liked it. More to come.

Maybe I’ll do a Spotify Christmas Playlist…hmm…whatcha think?

Don’t forget to pray for Marcus Lattimore! It was an awful thing to watch and I’m glad he has support. We’re pulling for Marcus – Godspeed!

Happy Monday folks!
Talk later and until next time,
Keep Living4Real. Every moment counts.

P.S. The fudge turned out fantastic. 🙂

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