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Good Afternoon All!

Life Update

Life has been interesting lately. I’ve been busy doing so much on the computer, that when I get home, the last thing I want to see is a computer pixel. Hence, my inbox is getting disorganized and my social media time is basically nil. In fact, the other day, I contemplated getting out my old note-cards (a print project left over from my college days) and writing a friend a letter. The idea of sitting down and writing out of pure correspondence enjoyment…the letter being between me and my friend – not my whole personage network – not a remote server in Timbuktu – not being mined for 3rd party stats and ads. Just a letter connecting with a kindred spirit.

If that isn’t a reason for learning to spell without spell check, I don’t know what is! Lol.

Over the past week or two, I’ve stumbled upon some interesting tunes, along with finding a music group that has inspired me again. As you know, I listen to lyrics and I find them to be as life-filled as the melody. So, on that score, I find the words to be important. This group has some pretty interesting lyrics going for them. Some I want to see written out because I am not sure of the scriptures they are based on. Other lines simply make this writer smile on the inside and laugh on the outside. I’m serious – poets should like some of the lines.

If I’ve got your interest peaked, then get happy ’cause I’ll see if I can’t put some of their music videos up for an upcoming Take5. In fact, I might just take the month of August and make it Worship Focused. That would be a change from my normal eclectic Take5 drive, but you know, it’s always good to have road trips that focus on something particular. And listening to worship music makes my fingers want to play the music for myself!

Speaking of which, listen up peeps if you are interested in writing out your music by hand:

Blank Sheet Music Anyone?

I found this site that is simply devoted to printing out blank sheet music, be it for piano, guitar, or pretty much any combination you can think of. The site is http://www.blanksheetmusic.net/ If Tabs are your thing, they’ve got tabs for different string combos (including bass), as well as, having one with the Tab and the melody. I don’t know a thing about the site or the people who fuel it, so I would recommend you do some research if you have to give ‘em any info.

And if you have forgotten the letters assigned to each line *gasp* (lol…not really) here is a picture for ya to clear the letters up.


The reason I came across this sheet music site is *drum roll* I found a video that shows you how to play the music in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. The beginning staccato music is so fun, and I wished to write down the version the video explained. I was going to create my own blank sheet music (since the file at home was not at my disposal at the moment) when God gave me the idea to search the web..and the rest as they say was history. I hope you enjoy writing out some melodies.

So You Want to Write in Adobe Reader

On the computer front, it has been a while since I have done any tutorials. And most of the tutorials I write are given to the people around me who needed them…they don’t often make it to the world of the web. This might be something I work on in the future…the teacher in me keeps bringing up the question as to whether my website (not live..yet) should have a tutorial section on it….

Today, I had the time so I thought I’d show you a small trick that helped us tremendously the other day. (Unfortunately, you will have to follow only the text as I do not have screenshots today).

Scenario: We had an Adobe Acrobat PDF Form to fill out. We had gotten it off of the Internet. We checked the permissions on the file and Edits and Saves were allowed…but the funny (or not so funny) thing was that for all the typing we did, nothing appeared on the form.

I was not getting happy.

So I searched the web and came up with the solution. Yay!

If you are attempting to fill out a PDF Form in Adobe Acrobat Reader, do the following:

  1. With Adobe Acrobat Reader open, go to the top menu item labeled, ‘Tools.’
  2. Under ‘Tools,’ there should be another menu for ‘Type Writer’.
  3. Under that menu, click on the second option that ‘Enables Type Writer.’
  4. Read the window that pops up, if it pops up, regarding the fact that you will have to re-save the file to allow edits.
  5. If you enabled the Type Writer tool, a pink ribbon will appear across the new PDF document. On the right of this ribbon, you should see a Type Writer logo and text that is actually a button.
  6. Click on the Type Writer logo or text to ‘activate’ the button.
  7. Next, click on the area of the form you wish to fill out.
  8. You will have to repeat steps 6 and 7 for each area of the form you wish to fill out.

I truly hope this helps you! Keep me posted. 🙂

Until Next Time,

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