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Alrighty Loyal Take 5 Readers! Wednesday (a.k.a the first Take 5 of the month) is finally here!!! 😀

I know that ever since Monday’s Take 5, where we were serenaded western-style, you’ve been curious as to what wonderfully awesome Take 5 moment would grace your email inbox this A.M. I stated I wanted to find something that would be worthy of the first Take 5 in August while also being worthy of the Wednesday post – easy on the gray-cells.

Well, here it is. Honestly, I had forgotten about this song. But now I’m pretty proud of finding it because I think it fits the bill perfectly. The story on how I came across it is pretty fun too.

I was first introduced to the song by a playlist my uncle bought and mixed for us as a Christmas present. It was hilarious. We liked the song and I remember having whole conversations about the actual tone of the person at the end, the person driving the little Nash Rambler. And the horn! Lol. We’ve laughed good and hard because something about that horn just strikes a funny bone…at least to me.

Anyway, we listened to it back then and along the way the song and playlist slipped into oblivion. That is, until yesterday.

Yesterday, while we were working, or rather while we were packing up and preparing to leave for the day, we were happily talking about the work we had accomplished – after the high fives, one of us started singing a tune, a tune that had the ‘beep, beep’ melody in it. It was immediately familiar, but we couldn’t nail down where it was that we had heard it before.

Within the minute, we had remembered a few of the lines and fell out laughing. I ran to my computer, which I had not shut down yet, and fired up Spotify. I turned up the volume and this song serenaded us as we packed up.

I give you – BEEP BEEP by The Playmates (I couldn’t find any concert footage, so this ‘talking cars’ version of the song, done by a fan of the tune will be your Take 5 video for today)

Enjoy! 🙂


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