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Top of the Monday Morning to You! 😀

I’m so happy it’s Monday! Haha…I hope you are excited about everything stuffed into your coming week as well! …Don’t look at me like that, go grab some coffee. And read your devo! 😉 Haha…

Ownward to the next topic – Za week!

This week is interesting – you know why? Today’s Take5 (para Monday) is the start of the week.  However, Wednesday’s Take5 is all the way over into….the next month!? I told you this week was interesting! And a challenge is in the mix…

I’ve got to come up with a fun video that will be: A.) a super Take5 start to the next month, while at the same time being  B.)  interesting and not too gray-cell exerting to watch as it will be Wednesday – the middle of the week – half way to the weekend….

BUT have no fear, I shall come up with something fun and interesting and at least half-way mindless. 🙂

Until then, enjoy today’s Take5….I’ve Got No Time for the Blues….Dale Evans and the Riders of the Purple Sage serenade us in this tune from The Bells of Coronado. I have to say that there were some grand tunes to be heard there!

What’s that? You asked what Wednesday’s Take5 would be? Ha! I can’t divulge that info – besides, I’m enjoying how you are now looking forward to Wednesday wayyy too much. I can’t ruin this moment… Goodbye.  *grin*

Until Next Time,

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