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Wowwy-macbutter, I have to say that I just finished eating a yummy poptart!

Honestly, you would think from my blog posts that I ate lots and lots of poptarts. When in actuality, until recently, it has probably been years since I’ve eaten one…and that one was probably an organic, all fruit poptart (they are really good btw. lol)

But, you didn’t come here to listen to my food reviews…although, if you are here for a Take5, then you probably just might enjoy reading a few food reviews. Lol. *shaking my head*

Of late, I’ve been doing classic music from the 50s onward. What did you think of Monday’s music video? Since that one was so upbeat, I’ve decided to take you on a musical stroll that is a bit more on the slow, sentimental side. 🙂


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