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Howdy cowboys and cowgirls!

I don’t know how your story reads, but in my story you will find several chapters devoted to the Old West.

Shoot, I remember mornings where I’d set my clock for 5:30 a.m. (that would be in the morning). When the alarm went off, I’d groggily head downstairs, crawl into my dad’s recliner, and tune in to the Golden Age of Westerns, wherein I was promised a Wild West Adventure starring any one of the great cinema cowboys – Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Tex Ritter just for starters.

I honestly enjoyed every early morning minute of it.

And it was a feat in itself for me to even be awake to enjoy the flicks because truth be told, growing up, I was never…n-e-v-e-r….a morning person. I’d stay up late before I’d get up early – except when it came to a handful of things on tv. One of ’em being westerns.

So, in true western style, I’ve found you a funny comedy radio sketch that takes place betwixt Text Ritter and Johnny Bond – Oh, the perils of riding double on a horse.



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