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Yes, I admit it. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes the only thing worth watching is an oldies music Paid Program.

The music clips can get you every time! I really enjoy the music…if only they’d play each song in its entirety. Lol. Sometimes I just wonder where the cool music shows have gone. I’m not talking about the glitzy faux ‘reality’ shows. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for an Andy Williams style show to grace our screens? For a prime-time show to have a televised party and invite melody savvy live performers to serenade us, whose repertoire might include some fun oldie-goldies?

I don’t know about you, but I think that would be fun.

Getting back to the music paid program… People out there are buying those albums…and albums like them…like all those ‘best of’ compilations we see on Amazon, at Starbucks, and in local record stores around the world. Someone is creating the albums to sell because they know the music will sell…and you know all those people who buy the music… well, we also watch our tv sets… and that my friend is called an ‘audience.’

So, for Take5 the next few weeks, you’ll see a few oldie goldies grace your Take5 moments. Enjoy.