It’s time to do some shuffling – melody shuffling that is!

There is very little in this world that is better for getting the juices flowing in the morning than a little music playing in the background.

To Whit, I decided to jot down the first 10 tunes my iPod decided to play for me this a.m. The list is just how it appeared. It was quite interesting because I heard several tunes I haven’t listened to in a year or so and it actually repeated a few artists, something that my iPod rarely does. Very interesting, eh, Holmes?

If you are unfamiliar with some of the tunes, check ’em out – Go search the web for their lyrics, tabs, or sound. Spotify and Amazon are always good sources for listening to and buying the tunes. And I’ve received several free MP3s during Amazon’s buy an app, get a $1 credit sale…I don’t know if it is still going on or not.

Enjoy! (p.s. I’m not able to format things too well, but I’ll find a better solution soon!)

 Song Title                              Artist                                 Album

1.  Give it all Away                    Aaron Shust                   Anything worth saying

2.   Leaving Netherfield            Jean-Yves Thibaudet      Pride & Prejudice

3.   When God Made You          Newsong  (Duet)

4.   In Not Of                            Avalon                           Testify to Love

5.   Extreme Days                    TobyMac                         Momentum

6.  Glory, Glory                        The Byrds                       The Essentials

7.  Love Has No Walls            Matthew West                Sellout

8.   Gone                                TobyMac         Welcome to Diverse City

9.   The Center of the Mark    4Him               Encore…For Future Generations

10.  So You Want to be a      The Byrds        20 Essential Tracks

Rock ‘n’ Roll Star                                     From The Boxed Set

Until Next Time,

Keep Living4Real