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Good morning guys and gals! Rise and shine for it looks like it will be a great day.

In fact, today seemed to be a ‘blast from the past’ – See… here is the wrapper of the pop tart I splurged on this morning to prove it:

(Text: “This space-age looking pouch holds the most delicious toaster pastries in the universe,” “Prepare for flavor blast off,” “Fire Up Toaster in 3…2…1”)

Haha…ok..Did anyone else have pictures of NASA dancing in their heads?

While watching the next episode of My Three Sons over my galactic faux-blueberry breakfast, I found this video a family member sent me two weeks ago.  I decided to dub it today’s Take 5 video because I think it will hold up to the space-toned morning I’m having (just wait, I know an episode of My Favorite Martian will come on any second).

The video is of Mr. Rogers! Who doesn’t recall watching him talk with the post man or feed the fish. Well, another person in this world, with the handle of melodysheep , decided to pay tribute (in conjunction with PBS and Fred Rogers Company) in creating a melody…a tune…a new song for Mr. Rogers – himself – to sing.

Don’t believe me? Check this video out [It’s called Garden Of Your Mind]:

If you thought the video was as cool as I did, let me just say that MelodySheep has created several others.  A few of them remind me of School House Rock (if you don’t know about that go googling guys!). He has also done a few just for fun….like the Yoda video. 🙂 ANnnnd, he will soon be doing other videos from the PBS standby shows you might remember from your childhood. Awesomeness! It will be categorized under ‘Icons Remixed’ on the PBS Digi Studios YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Take 5.  Come back next week for another work-break, school-break, or just I-like-cool-breaks break. 😉

Until Next Time,

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