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Well, today was productive. First thing I did, after setting up my computer of course, was to make a list of things I wished to accomplish for the day.

Having access to the Internet helped out because I was able to finish downloading several free messages a friend requested. Then there was the typing….typed up an entire album’s worth of lyrics – for songs I have not heard in a very long while, but whose melodies came flooding back as if I heard each song the day before. Wow how that works.

I had a few other things to type up and organize after these two projects, but I just needed something in the background while I worked. After playing Andy Williams tunes on Spotify for a while, I found Comcast’s Classic TV page and boy howdy did I have fun…er…take up too much time looking for a show to put on in the background. I finally went with a Bat Masterson episode followed by a Simon & Simon episode. Pretty cool tv if you ask me!

I also finished my first draft on a document template I’ve wanted to create for some time. I prayed over what i needed to include in it so it could be a generic template for several purposes. After brainstorming a bit and getting a picture in my mind’s eye of the finished product, my page template is complete!

Here’s what I did:

  •  I created a folder on my computer that would be used as the main/parent folder for several projects and placed it in a convenient location.
  • Within the folder, I opened a blank text document and ‘saved as.’
  • I proceeded to name the generic text document with a generic title that had the word ‘template‘ somewhere in it (I find that by adding this word to the title, I can spot the file faster when I need it).
  • Once I saved the generic template document, I set to work structuring it like I designed during my brainstorming session.
  • I went to the ‘Margins‘ area and set the document margins at 1 inch on all sides. (If you need more space, simply choose a different margin, i.e. .5 inches all around will allow you to balance the template, using more paper space.)
  • Placing the mouse pointer in the page footer, I located the page number options within the program and setup the page numbers as I wanted them, along with formatting them.
  • By this point, I had more than likely saved the document twenty times using the  ctrl + s  keyboard shortcut…just sayin’
  • Next, I placed the mouse pointer within the document’s header. I typed out the things I wished to have on the page, such as the ‘Date‘ and the ‘Project Title‘ (You can also do this next step in the page document itself, format it correctly, and then copy and paste the text inside the document header, deleting the text within the document body.)
  • Note: I found that when I create the text in the document body and then copy & paste it in the header, the placement on the page might need to be tweaked a bit more – it might not hold the tabs and spaces the same.
  • By placing the generic information within the document header, it will be repeated on each page – this adds to the organization and security of the note(s) in the event a several page document got separated. Also, by having the page numbers at the bottom, if the pages get disorganized and jumbled, the page numbers will aid in reorganizing the papers. the reorganization along.
  • That’s it! The generic document is ready. All that has to be done is open up the document, ‘save as‘ to name the file for the latest project (and so as not to over-write the template file) and get to typing/writing! Isn’t that cool?

I really enjoyed creating the document and it will definitely help me save time, since I will not have to format a document each time I need to print one out or type one up. Plus, by creating a template file, you will be keeping each file setup the same way; the same format. And that keep papers more organized – and that means less time re-handling the files. (Just think how much easier that could made getting started on that weekly class assignment!).

I hope you found the step-by-step break-down above helpful! I typed it up a bit faster than I normally do, but I think you’ll find it of worth.

I’ve got a few more things to do before I can cross them off my list, so I’m going to hop to it.

Is there a project you really wanted to finish up, but haven’t gotten to yet? Reading the last ten pages of an adventurous mystery book? Or searching to find out information about a person in history for a History report? Or maybe you’ve just been wanting to learn to cook that yummy recipe you found the other day.

Whatever you have on your written (or unwritten) agenda, go make time and do it! It is always fun getting to check something off your To-Do list. 🙂

P.S. I discovered that WordPress has a ‘Learn WordPress.com‘ manual on their site. It looks pretty sweet, so in the name of making Open Source better, I plan on delving into the Net-optimized manual within the next few days. Maybe you’ll find it helpful too!

Until next time,
Keep Living4Real! 🙂