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It’s Time for Take-5!

For you loyal Take-5 fans, you will really be glad to hear my good news. We finally have Internet access! This means that I can finally get your Take 5 breaks posted on time from my think tank. Yay! (Say it with me!) So let’s get going because I have a lot to say today! 🙂

I logged in to Spotify last night and it downloaded the new super-duper version of the app. [Well, I say new update, but it could have been out for a few days since I’ve only now gotten Internet access.] On the new app, there were to things that I noticed. One was something called, ‘TuneWiki’ that I’m still not completely familiar with. The other was *drumroll* a link to what they call, ‘radio.’

Now, being the music person that I am, I really like having Pandora radio on my Kindle Fire. So seeing the radio tab just made me curious, with the possibility of making my morning. The thought of music-only radio sent a smile to my face…just sayin’.

When I clicked on the radio tab, it brought up ‘Radio Stations,’ and it stated that, and I quote, “Radio stations [are] based on what you like. We’ve started you off with a station similar to your current top artist. Want to hear something else? Find more stations below.”

Well, I was intrigued. The last artist whom I had listened to extensively was Andy Williams. Until recently, I had not heard much by Mr. Williams – only the Christmas standards played each year on the radio stations.

I’ve been blown away at the songs he has recorded – and I can listen to them all on Spotify. I am hearing songs I’ve never heard before that sound great so that is awesome. Plus, Andy Williams sings a few songs that I’ve heard by other artists…and I think his version sounds the best (to me).

So not only am I discovering new songs, but I feel like I’m supporting the musicians because it is my understanding that each song I hear, a part of the money goes to the artists and/or their recording label. [That means that while you are working and listening to something in the background, you are also working to support the music industry…how’s that for multi-tasking? Haha]

For your Take 5 break today, I thought I’d send out a video of Andy Williams singing the song, “Moon River,” sometime in the 1960s. (It could be 1961?) However, the video I was going to show you is not setup for embedding 😦 Soo, if you wish to see the live performance, you’ll have to go here and watch it in a new window (if you just want to hear the song, check out the video below). I cannot tell where the live performance was given, but I thought it pretty cool how he can keep singing in the beginning with the crowd applauding at the same time.


The first time I heard this song was in the drama, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ It was pretty, but I didn’t think much more about it. But when I heard it the other day by Mr. Williams, it just clicked in the brain as a song for the playlists – and here it is.

If you liked it, go buy it! I did. You can find it on Amazon.com or possibly even on Freegal – go check your local library and see if they pay to give their members access to the program.

Annnndd, if you like it, go look it up on Spotify or Pandora, using it to create a radio station! You might find other artists you like in the radio station loop that you were previously unaware of or had forgotten.

I REALLY enjoyed looking at Spotify’s suggestions for other ‘radio stations’ I might enjoy. Their suggested artists included: the before mentioned Andy Williams, along with, Dean Martin, Connie Francis, The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Duane Eddy, and Rosemary Clooney.  How’s that for a musical line up?

Keep me posted on your musical discoveries readers! If you want to hear or learn more about a particular song or artist or how to play a particular song, give me a heads-up in the comment section below.  I’ll do my best to comb the Internet and see if I can find something that is helpful to you and post it as an upcoming Take 5 entry.

Happy Monday folks!