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Hello Ladies and Gents – How’s Monday going for you so far?

I’ve finally gotten back on a semi-coherent schedule! Yay. This past month has been fun, exciting, exhausting…S’wonderful.

But it would take another month of blog posts to write about it all. Suffice it to say that I finally am back taking 5 on Mondays and Wednesdays on a regular basis. *big grin* I will say that while my blogging slowed a bit last month, I still was bookmarking videos for Take 5 breaks. I posted them last week. So, if you get a work day this week, wherein you need more than one Take 5 break, look through the Take 5 archives and see if you missed a post or two. And if you like what you read – don’t forget to chime in. I like getting feedback folks! 🙂

Today’s Take 5

If you’ve been a music fan for long – country or not – chances are you’ve heard this song at least once. When I heard it, I laughed. It was on a CD of a live concert at the Texas Stadium for a Jimmy Buffett, George Strait, and Alan Jackson concert. 3 concerts for the price of 1 you might say.

Anywho, I looked the lyrics up on the Internet and ran across a video where Larry Cordle talks about the back-story of the song and how it came to be – the history and the buzz it later stirred up. Lol. Pretty interesting and well worth taking a break to watch.


Now, were you at Texas Stadium? Or did reading the description and watching Larry Cordle play Murder on Music Row make you want to see Strait and Jackson perform the song too? Or are you just a die-hard Parrothead or Cowboy/Cowgirl? Well, I told you this was a good week for longer or extra Take 5 moments. When you get a chance, check out these renditions. I tried to find live footage of the concert to no avail – if you have any with this song, let me know!

Concert combo :: George Strait and Alan Jackson


Concert 2004 in Texas :: Check it out