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Good day to you.

It’s Monday…again.

It seems to me that my weekend was over awfully fast. I guess on one hand that is because I was busy as a beaver, and they do say that when you are having fun time flies by. But on the other hand, I did think I’d get rested up over the weekend so as to be ready for the upcoming week…but the weekend was filled with prep work for the week – kind of like pre-cleaning your house before you clean it.

So anyway, needless to say, this kid is ready for some r-n-r. A Take 5 moment. A piece of dark chocolate. A cup of iced coffee…you get the point! Lol.

Here is one of my favorite songs at present. It is also the perfect Take 5 song if you are on break or vacation – think backyard-deck weather music or beach weather music (aka…perfect background music if I were at the beach right now with the cousins or something.)

And anyways – I think it will serve quite nicely as a way to say, “Goodbye April, Hello May!”


Do you have a favorite Shadows tune? Did this song jog your music memory back to a song you haven’t thought of in years? If so, let us hear about it. With summer fast approaching, we’re ‘all ears’ to jamming beach tunes for the Take 5 breaks soon to come!