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Alrighty guys and gals. I have lived through a time-warp.

Seriously, so much has happened in the past two weeks! All grand happenings, but just busy. If I were to categorize everything, I would have to say that I’ve worked as much as when I helped lay sod and when I moved.

And *sad face* it was only yesterday that it hit me that I missed three Take 5 posts. Yikes.

I was so busy that I didn’t take a break. Isn’t that awful? Yes, it is. I knew you’d agree.

Hopefully, within the next week or two things will settle back down. I still have several blogs in the works – so stay posted.

Without much adieu, I am leaving you with your long awaited Take5 post. I wished to show you something via the TCM Media-room, but their embed code is still not working right in the post – so I decided to bring out a song from an old western – namely, ‘Lights of Old Santa Fe.’

Roy, Dale, and the Sons of the Pioneers all sang this song several times in the movies. This particular rendition takes place when Roy, Gabby, and the gang are camping out for the night…with some troublemakers in the background. All ends well, don’t worry. 🙂


In researching this song, a video came up that appears to be posted from a public domain classic film site. I know nothing about it, but this is supposedly the movie.

And speaking of movies, I wonder if they have the film I watched on tv the other day…I’d not seen it before and only caught the tail end. It was called ‘The Lone Wolf Strikes’ and reminded me of the old William Powell mystery films.

Happy Wednesday folks!