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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Why the celebratory greeting? Well, why not?! I think it is a good enough day to just get happy – so call a friend and just wish ’em a happy Wednesday too.

But call them after you enjoy your Take 5 break. 🙂

When I was surfing the net, I came across this dance clip and thought you might like to take a gander at it – especially if you follow either actor. If you do not know Ricardo Montalban or Jane Powell, let me introduce you to them with the video as it is high time you were familiar with both of them. Each star had a grand career and gave us many films to which we can spend many Saturdays watching. I think I could write a book about many of the films – I’ll definitely review a few in the coming months.

For this Take 5: Toward the end of this film, which is ‘Two Weeks with Love’ by the way, in case you are looking it up at your local library as we speak, Ricardo Montalban and Jane Powell dance a tango in a summer town production. I will not say it is a brilliant movie plot because it really well, wasn’t. But the cast was pretty notable – and I think that because the people acting out the plot were so great, it deserves watching. (I just wish I could re-write a few of the lines!) And speaking of amazing talent – these two stars danced a mean tango.

So, your homework – as you watch the clip of the dance for your Take 5 break, you will see some of the key actors in the film, faces you will more than likely recognize. 🙂



Are there any particular films that this clip made you think of? Other films that Powell or Montalban were in that you liked? Or another musical number that you’ll always think was great? Did you recognize others actors in the clip?

Add your comments below! I’d really like to hear about some other films that you fancy!