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Well hello out there! What is on your Monday agenda folks? (Other than stopping by and checking out today’s Take 5 work-school-or-whatever break.)

My day is pretty packed. I am a bit late in the morning getting this out to you because my morning routine got off schedule. You see, Sea Hunt did not come on this a.m. *sad face* so I popped in an episode of Gunsmoke, which is 30 minutes longer than Sea Hunt don’tcha know. After Gunsmoke went off, I felt like I should check out what was on the television…and I’m glad I listened to the Holy Spirit because guess what was on????? Simply Painting!!

This is the second time I’ve been fortunate enough to catch the show. I’ve picked my sketching back up recently and although this show is about painting, I really enjoy the style and format. Frank Clarke is the painter/ instructor and it is amazing to watch how he starts you off and what you can end up with. I think he tries to just get people to enjoy painting for the fun of it. Example, the first time I watched it he gave me a tip on drawing horses and since then, I’ve been drawing them like crazy – something I’ve not done before with much success – until now! *big grin*

I feel that in general when it comes to hobbies, we’ve gotten this idea that everything has to be perfect before we start learning…which is totally wrong. And I think Clarke tries to dispel that feeling when it comes to painting.

That ‘gotta play it/ paint it/ write it flawlessly’ feeling is one I tried to shake off several years ago when I was taking piano lessons. If you are learning piano, The Piano Guy had the same perspective in his field – you don’t want to become an symphony musician, you just want to play Misty for your friends.

That same relaxed attitude that Frank Clarke has for painting and The Piano Guy has for piano is the same attitude I’ve started taking with the guitar. In fact, not trying to obtain perfect sound – but just have fun – is what we did last night. My dad and I got together and just jammed out. He played electric and I played acoustic. We looked up a song on YouTube that I had printed the lyrics and chords for several weeks ago. We got a groove and just jammed out. It was fantastic. And you know what? We sounded pretty good. Not only that, but we each left the jam session with a renewed interest and encouragement for our individual guitar goals.

What hobbies do you enjoy that you haven’t looked at in a while? What New Year’s resolution did you have that has fallen by the way side? I encourage you to pick up whatever the hobby or goal was, dust it off, and go have some fun! And if it’s playing the guitar more, get to it – this summer don’t just listen to The Ventures or The Shadows, go buy a songbook with their tunes and start playing. And hey, it’s ok if you feel that you slaughter the tune a wee bit – just be sure you are playing ‘Slaughter on Tenth Avenue!’ 😉

After all, it is the little things…

And with that, I shall leave you with a Take 5 moment in pure Sherlock Holmes style – I thought we could do with a bit of ‘name that quote’ trivia.



These quote are from one of the numerous Sherlock Holmes series out there – namely Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock. Can you think of some other film or tv quotes that go with these? Post them below! “Keep it clean, keep it clean” – Doc Ryan in the 1940 film, ‘I Love You Again’.