Have you ever been on a family vacation and seen the coolest historical landmark or learn some amazing historical fact, only to have no clue on how to capture your findings for later musings? I have. Sometimes I’ve taken pictures, but I just didn’t get enough of the info down. A friend tweeted this blog entry and I thought I’d pass it on to you. Hope it helps!

Phillip M. Bryant

As part of a series the next several weeks on researching methodologies employed by historical fiction authors, today I host my first guest!

Guest blogging today is best selling Historical Fiction and Romance author, Karen Baney whose Prescott Pioneers series has reached #1 in the Kindle store and whose newest release, Nickles can be found here at Amazon: Nickels
Link to GoodReads titles.
NickelsA Dream Unfolding (Prescott Pioneers, #1)A Heart Renewed (Prescott Pioneers, #2)A Life Restored (Prescott Pioneers, #3)

Research Tips and Tricks at Museums
My husband and I recently took a nice long weekend trip to Tucson, Arizona. As with most of our vacations, we worked in a trip to a few museums. I love walking into museums, smelling that old musty smell of things long past.

Then reality hits. I mean, I’m standing in the largest aircraft museum in the country. I could spend days here. How am I ever going to gather all of the information I need in one short afternoon without…

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