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Alrighty Folks, today is monumental – it is almost – Saint Patrick’s Day!!!! 😀

By now I hope you’ve taken my advice and raided your wardrobe for some green. St. Pat’s falls on a Saturday plus you’ve got the outrageously spring/summer weather showing up early at the door. Most of the clothes I label for the holiday are meant for winter weather. So I’ve got some planning to do myself. But enough out our preparations, check out the terrific Take 5 moment I’ve dug up for you today.

Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem toured together for a while and this clip is from a concert that took place in the early 80s. The song is rather fun and I hope it will put a song in your step. This is a Take 5 moment that has definite rewatchability qualities.


I’m still searching for a recording of the whole concert. You can buy cd’s from Amazon, but I’d like to watch the cd!