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Ok. Today’s Take5 moment is nothing more than pure joviality. And being Wednesday, I doubt you will mind this fact.

Today is special because I’ve given you two videos…Well, there is really only one video, but seeing that I do not wish you to get in trouble with the boss, I’ve given you two video format options.

You see, this first video is shot in 3D. So, if you work in a radically awesome place where looking at media in 3D is a regular fact of the daily routine, pull out those paper spectacles and watch the first video.

If, however, you work in a place where even donning 3D glasses for the 1 minute and 32 seconds of video run time would make your coworkers extremely inquisitive (and thus also arousing the attention of the boss) skip down to the second video. 😉

In all events, this social-media-parody explores what life would be like if social media habits were to become totally integrated within the realm of our daily human-to-human interactions.


Non – 3D

Wasn’t that awesome? This is where you say “yes” loud enough for me to hear it.

…Don’t just ‘like’ it?! *shaking head*

Seriously though, for more of this group’s crazy goodness, check out their Facebook page (of course) and their tweet spot. [I came across these videos on their Facebook site this week.]

G’day maties, see ya on the flip side.