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Wow. What a race. Since I was able to watch the Daytona 500 on a nice flat screen tv this year, I was looking forward to a great season kick-off. I made note of the time and tuned in ready to see some awesome racing.

And then I noticed the rain.

Two hours after the race was to start…I saw more rain.

Now, this was too much. A family member, who was also watching the rain fall onto the track… so clearly on this flat screen tv I might add… reported what the weather looked liked via Weather Underground’s website. It’s wasn’t pretty.

I’d already surfed the channels in vain for a detailed weather report. I checked in to see how the golf tournament was going. It was only a two man game now. There was no rain where they were located.

The positive that I found in all of this as the hours ticked by and the rain continued to fall was that in the very least the race was not being shown on cable or satellite.

Thankfully, Fox was covering the race with DW and the gang making it interesting. Between the interviews, historical reflections, and studio discussions, the four hours I watched on the screen flew by. Not as fast as they might if the race was going on, but in all honesty, it was a fun, interesting event.

During one particular rain-delay fill-in (which all the drenched fans in the bleachers were missing at the time) was a great spot featuring Richard Petty. He had the momentous task of giving the ‘King’s Speech’ to the whole ‘listening audience.’ I thought it noteworthy. And if you are familiar with the Colin Firth film, The King’s Speech, you’ll see the parallels. *grin* Brilliant tv spot guys!

I honestly did not think the delay would last as long as it did. I know it took a toll on the drivers nerves! And the fans in the bleachers – that had to be tough (and even colder) as well. Then, when NASCAR re-scheduled the race, history was made.

Finally, once the race commenced on Monday evening, there was THE wreck on lap 2. Yes, I typed it right, lap 2. What a time to make a mistake. Gah! *Sigh* (No, I don’t think it was intentional people.) I was disappointed because it caught several high profile drivers. And if that wasn’t enough, the jet dryer hit towards the end was awful.

The initial wreck, which completely changed the hypothesized outcomes of the race, could have been a reason for the lower than expected (but still pretty good) ratings. Just think, Bayne, who could have easily had a back-to-back win, was knocked out. And that’s just one scenario.

Let’s just say that with the next race fast approaching, the way that Daytona played out will undoubtedly make many of the drivers get more focused and more determined to see a better finish.

Let’s just hope they all can rally.

Oh, and if you haven’t joined DW’s twitter feed, you can do so right now. 😉
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