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Considering the gray shades taking over the sky today, I thought an easy going Monday ‘Take5’ piece was in order. I’ve been working on several projects, but perky I am not. (Maybe that is compounded by the fact that I am not a morning person.)

In looking around on the net, I decided to see if my category name of ‘Take5’ was used in other forms (beyond the candy-bar of course).

Only then did it hit me that I seem to have forgotten about one of my favorite Jazz albums! The album I’m referring to is ‘Time Out’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet (Wiki, Website Site). It is s’wonderful. My uncle introduced me to this one and I’ve had it as an iTunes favorite for years.

Within this album (that you really should consider buying…just saying. 🙂 ) is a song entitled, ‘Take 5.’ Did you already guess that fact?

Instead of just playing a still video and linking you over to the store where you can purchase the song (or album), I thought I’d give you a live performance. This clip is from a 1966 concert in Germany.

If you liked the sound for today’s work break, go over to Pandora and create a radio station for these guys. Or, look ’em up on Spotify. Don’t take this as a clichĂ©, please, but you’ll be glad you did. *big grin*