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Yep. You read it correctly. I am training my dragon. Have been for the whole week. Now, to dispel the current reptilian pictures flashing across your imagination, I am referring to my speech recognition software. 😉

It is true that I am a fast typer and I am getting faster all the time. (Typing speed helps when you’re hard coding things too, let me tell you). But since my time is now my own, I have begun brainstorming several fiction ideas. And I find that my thoughts go faster than my writing or typing speed. With this in mind, I have begun using the software to see if it helps get ideas to paper any faster.

One issue I have been having is that it doesn’t understand me. Which is puzzling. When I got to play with the new 4S iPhone feature Siri, it seemed to understand almost all the commands and questions I threw at it instantly. Why the Dragon software isn’t an instant thing like Siri, I don’t know. But I was not going to be discouraged and I refused to give up on my Dragon.

So, starting on Monday, I began reading all the excerpts Dragon provides. They say that these excerpts help the software ‘get an ear,’ if you will, for your voice. Thus far, I have read about four excerpts and while there has been a large chunk of time invested in reading the excerpts, I have not been disappointed. Because *drumroll* in three days, I can see definite recognition improvement. It isn’t completely there yet, but at least I can begin using the software for some things.

The next test I hope my Dragon passes will be in the next few weeks when I see if it can transcribe my voice from my voice recorder. This is something I tried last year, to no avail, when I was in a critical thinking class. I had an important paper to write during a week that I had to travel to another state due to a family emergency. I had hardly any Internet access to speak of, which put me at a disadvantage. Dragon was new and I had not begun to train it in the least. So when the time came to transfer all my insights from the voice recorder to the computer, well, let’s just say that what Dragon thought I said made Lorem Ipsum look like English.

Maybe it is my accent. Maybe I need to speak clearer. I don’t know. But with the success I had with Siri, I know it is possible for technology to understand what I say. And, after this week’s so-far successful training sessions, I feel like after a bit more training, my Dragon will become a daily asset.

After all, isn’t it to writing as shortcut commands are to Adobe software? And you know that I can’t fathom a world of Adobe software without shortcut commands.

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