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Top of the Morning to you guys and gals out there in the world!

It’s Wednesday – Midweek. While many of you are hooping and hollering at this s’wonderful fact, I’m not! I awoke with a plan of action and I’m hopping to it. Since I’ve got so much I want to get done before the end of the week, I’m going to make this weekly rundown a quick one.

The Grid
I discovered The Grid. Found on KelbyTV, it looks like it will be fun to add to the favorites. The episode I started watching yesterday was from last year and was hosted by Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion with guest Scott Diussa. They talked about technical know-how vs. creativity. It was insightful and went along with my thoughts earlier in the week. I’m hoping to finish listening to it today.

Note: The Grid is broadcast Live at 4pm EST today (Wed, the 22nd) if you’d like to tune in.

PSD Graphics
Next on the docket, I made a Photoshop picture of brushed steel yesterday. Made. My. Day. LOL. It was easier than I could imagine and that made me want to hit my head against the wall. I’ve long been a firm believer in taking time to see how different features looked when applied together (the creative part). It works a lot like a chef who combines different spices looking for that special entree. Up until recently though, I haven’t made the time to explore.

Until yesterday…and well, I actually used a tutorial. I was made aware of PSD Graphics dot com a while back. Amazing work. And I saw there were *drumroll* tutorials! So yesterday, I pulled up the brushed metal tutorial and worked through it. Depending on your version of Photoshop, you might see some differences. But the main concepts are there, so study the screenshots so you know what features you are looking for and go to it. I had fun with it and mine looks grand if I may say so. Have fun with it…once you master the tutorial’s look, try different filters, different colors – take the technical advice from the tutorial and use it as a means of unleashing the creative pictures in your imagination. 🙂

Weebly. “What in the galaxy is that?” you are asking me. Well, Weebly is something new I stumbled upon. A family member looked up the web address of a NC website and at the bottom saw the words we look for all the time now – the name of the site developers. In this instance, the site was developed with the help of Weebly. After noodling about the Weebly site, watching the intro videos, reading the specs, and also reading a few official blog entries, such as this one and of course this one (you might cry), I decided to put ‘explore the Weebly world’ on my weekend roster.

Being an outsider assessing something for the first time, it seems that Weebly takes concepts from iWeb and others from WordPress and gels them into a fun, free, click and drag website generator. What caught my eye was their new option of allowing a user to edit the site theme’s CSS and HTML code – Something I was denied in iWeb. Another plus was that they promise no ads unless they are wanted by the user – something I have to put up with on this free WordPress blog account (this is not the same thing as the WordPress download install – which works great and doesn’t have any unwanted ads). Lastly, Weebly offers several options in regards to your site’s URL: use your own domain name; buy a domain name; or use a subdomain of Weebly.com.

That said, I have a few questions to which I have yet to find answers.

  1. Do they offer the option for content to be pulled from a database?
  2. Do they allow dynamic page updating via a PHP script.
  3. When I find answers to these questions, I’ll let you know. Unless you know the answers. If you do, please share your insights! 🙂

On a complete side note, doesn’t the Weebly office look great. (Makes me want an office space even more!)

Also, I thought this was an noteworthy blog posted on a Weebly co-founder’s site. It gives a hands-on perspective regarding SOPA.

What’s in the Background:
Today, I’m still listening to Surf and Beach Music mixes. Now that the next two days are going to finally warm up, I’ve got za windows open and The Ventures/The Shadows blaring.

I also have two things I want to play in the background at some point. Might watch ’em tonight. One is a musical I’ve never seen before nor ever heard of but Donald O’Connor is in it so I’m looking forward to it being good. The other film is a…well, I don’t know the genre exactly. It is ‘To Have or Have Not.’ It stars Walter Brenan, Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall. The film’s synopsis reminds me somewhat of ‘Night Train to Munich,’ but we’ll soon see. 😉

I hope this gives you some fun things to look over during your breaks. Feel free to ring in with comments!

Until Next time,
Keep Living4Real