This has been a pretty cool week. I hope your week has been equally bright.

You know the Take5 post I gave you last January for a group that has been around a while, but who was new to my ears? Well, if you recall I mentioned a music player on their site. After clicking through and listening to a few tunes, one really caught my attention.

The name of this instrumental tune is Glory – and it is well worth listening too…and bookmarking…and even…buying.

Take a listen and see whatcha think.

According to the video info, this concert footage hails from The Barrymore Theater and dates from November of 2006.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to pull out the Joe Bonamassa music. And if you aren’t familiar with his music, are you in for a guitar treat. 😉 I am not too fond of many of his lyrics, but his guitar skills are extraordinary with a capital ‘E’.