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Hello Folks,

It’s been a crazy week. It flew past me so fast, I honestly don’t remember each day. But since it’s Saturday, I must go with the fact that it must have been productive.

I’ve been working through WordPress tutorials and at some point I finally elected to take a few days off (hence my computer/web absence).

On the life front, I’ve started working out via my favorite video games and I can definitely feel it! Lol. Plus, I’ve lost two pounds just this week. Yay. I am adjusting to not having to hold a controller when playing tennis though…it’s a bit odd having an imaginary tennis racquet.

On the just-for-fun video gaming front I discovered something last night. I put in Forza 4 and left the room for a few minutes. Coming back in the room it had started to auto play something. Needless to say, I saw a few screens I wasn’t familiar with and the next thing I know I’m driving the car in a pre-race – via Kinect!

You know how I thought Forza 4 was amazing? Well, after this little discovery, it just got amazing times ten.

Do You Like to Listen to Radio?
This week I made another discovery I thought I’d pass on to you folks. If you are like me, you are ready to trade the winter weather for the bright sunshiny weather. In light of this fact, I started nosing around trying to find artists I don’t know about who knew what beach music is all about.

Now, when I say beach music, I’m not talking surf music. Did you know there was a difference? There is, a big one. You see, beach music, which cropped up from the glorious east coasts of North Carolina and South Carolina, is the music that accompanies the North Carolina and the South Carolina official state dance – The Shag. (Secretly, when I hear beach music like I’m talking about, I always end up wanting an Andy’s chili cheese burger. *daydreaming*). Back in the day, beach goers would frequent the coasts and several locations in both states to hear the music and just dance. You often hear about the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but did you know there were also two Pavilion’s on North Carolina’s coastline? There were. Having NC roots, I tend to think of Emerald Isle as the go-to for beach music and I have heard from people who visited EI back then who said it was the place to be.

Surf Music stems from the California Surf arena. It, unlike beach music, is heavy instrumental and I usually think of electric guitars being played by groups like The Ventures and The Shadows.

How Can I Hear ‘Em?
Well, if you want to usher in the spring/summer, go and get a Pandora account (it’s free) and log in.

If you want to get your feet moving with some beach music, within Pandora, search for The Drifters, The Embers, The Tams, The Platters or Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. This will get you started. As you hear other groups, jot them down and search for them as well.

If you want to hear electric guitars at their best, within Pandora, search for The Ventures, The Shadows, The Torquays, The Deuce Coupes, Dick Dale and His Del-Tones, Santo & Jonny, or Rockin’ Rebels. These are a few groups that will get your new radio station off to a good start.

When you see a new group pop up, write ’em down and check out their other music. You might just find a new reason to upgrade that iPod. 😉
(and learn 8 dance steps. 🙂 )

Until Next Time,
Keep Living4Real

…Now, where’d I put my iPod…