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Well, ladies and gents, Monday is here. Like every other work day, I turned on my computer and headed to the coffee machine.

Honestly, the coffee machine in all its Jetson-like glory could be a whole week’s worth of blog posts in itself. But anyhow, when I got back to my computer ready to work, I saw a pretty funny pic on my screen saver. It basically said, it was Monday, so deal with it. (I got the desktop pic from Kate.net if you wondered.)

Today being the first work day of the week for us, I thought I’d send an awing song your way. I’ve heard early recordings of it and close to present day recordings of it, both live and studio. I’ve heard it on wax and I’ve heard it on iPods. And I’ve never heard a version I didn’t like.

And this morning while deciding on what to bring to your Take5 break, this tune came to my ears.

It needs know introduction other than that.

The melody – it had a melody. The fact that I can actually say that brightens my whole day.

The words – something to think on a while.

This footage dates back to 1981 from central park.

All in all, a personal favorite. Did you like it? Scratch your thoughts in the comment section below, however, no pennies will be given out. 😉

Update: I have discovered there are several versions of this concert on *get ready* DVD!! Buy it here.