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Hello There.

For Take5 Wednesday, I’m a gonna introduce you to a movie star you really need to know.

His name is William Powell. If you have the luxury of watching the Turner Classic Movies channel on your television set, you might have already been introduced to his films last year. You see, TCM had him as the 2011 December Star of the month.

There are so many films of his that I could talk about. But instead of just picking one, I thought I’d give you a video TCM did that is a collage of his films – both the zany, screwball comedies and the solemn, witty mysteries.

William Powell Film Spotlight from TCM December 2011

(For some reason, the code TCM gives you to embed the video isn’t working right – so when you click on the it should open the link in a different window.)

One grand place to start on his list of flix is with ‘The Thin Man’ series. He plays the role of Nick Charles, a detective who has married Nora, a lady who is not only beautiful but is also rather rich. While Nick thinks he can finally retire and enjoy the good life with Mrs. Charles, he has overlooked the fact that his wife thinks the mystery business is kinda fun.

This series started with the film ‘The Thin Man,’ which was based on the novel by the same title. Nick and Nora were so popular that a sequel was made…and another…and another…and another until we now have a set of six.

You can buy the entire collection, which includes a biography for both Nick and Nora OR you can buy a set of four. Either one is great. If the set of four included ‘The Thin Man Goes Home’ it’d be perfect. Then it would have them all except ‘The Song of the Thin Man,’ which isn’t a favorite (too much of the Nick Jr. plot). Nick Jr. by the way is Nick and Nora’s son who comes on the scene by film three.

You can find Powell’s work on TCM or on Amazon.

Have fun watching the flix, just don’t make me pick my favorite Powell film. That would be an impossibility. 🙂