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It is amazing the difference a year can make.

I know that this statement is used a lot, but I cannot think of another statement more appropriate for this instance.

Today is Super-Bowl Sunday –I hope you already knew that 😉

And I have been throughly enjoying the festivities and tv coverage. (We’ll talk about the reporting favoritism in a minute.)

But last year at this time, well, all day for that matter, I was burrowed away studying for the last exam (think: review states to re-read whole textbook) of a ridiculous programming class. I remember when the game was on, I’d fly down the stairs, ask the family to give me an update, and back upstairs I’d go.

When I would get mad that I was having to put in this kind of study time for an overzealously detailed class final, I’d close the books and march downstairs….and when the game got frustrating, up the stairs I’d go again.

Thankfully, I am finished with caring about such craziness and today I plan on enjoying every second of Super Bowl XLVI.

Now, getting to what really matters – the game. Has anyone noticed how NBC’s coverage seems to favorite the *cough, cough* Giants? I just find this interesting considering reporters like to throw around that ‘objective’ word all through the year. We watched the screen for over an hour and they did a story on 1 (count the fingers there pal) – 1 Patriots player. Shzz…

Oh, well.

But, I will say that the NBC Extra wherein they are going to be streaming the game live is intriguing. I’ll be interested to hear what you all think about the features after the game. The server load is bound to be a lot!

I’ll be sure to update, but mean while, I think I’m going to pop some food in the oven.

C Ya!