Well, this is it folks, Groundhog Day. Yay!!

The day that comes once a year wherein the hibernating groundhog gets to give us his opinion about the coming weather patterns. Let’s hope he’s ready for the big day. 😉

If you get bored, a quick search into the depths of Groundhog Day’s history can be an interesting activity. For example, I did not know that the habit of polling various animals as to their shadow-seeing started in European areas and came to the United States, later becoming Groundhog Day (or Woodchuck..hmm).

Anywho, with work finally out of the way today…no, I didn’t take Groundhog Day off…I am planning on popping some popcorn, plopping my feet on the couch and watching a movie worthy of today’s holiday.

Can you guess the film of which I speak? If you answered, “What is Groundhog Day?” I’d say you are correct.

If you haven’t already, go queue the movie on Netflix, Amazon, or however you watch movies (check your library even) and enjoy the film. [For a family content guide, check out IMDb or Common Sense Media]

Gotta go, the popcorn just cut off. 😀

Until Next Time,
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