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Howdy Folks. For today’s Take5 break I decided to introduce you to an extremely talented lady who had an amazing career in film. Her name is Deanna Durbin.

Although she was highly successful, she made the choice to leave show biz fairly early in her career. If you have not had the chance to see any of her films, put it on your to-do list. She is by far one of my favorite actresses. Her films were in 1930s-40s. Her voice and style range was phenomenal. One minute she would sing an opera piece and the next a down home jovial tune.

When you read the title of today’s Take5, you probably thought of Doris Day singing this song in a film by the same title of ‘On Moonlight Bay.’ And until recently, that was the only version I was familiar with. But, I have since found Deanna’s version as well and I absolutely like it.

So, here is the song ‘On Moonlight Bay’ from the film ‘For the Love of Mary.’

Film Fact: You might recognize the man sitting at the piano, playing the accordion, as Harry Davenport, who portrayed Nick Charles’ father in the 1945 William Powell mystery ‘The Thin Man Goes Home.’

If you’d like to watch Deanna Durbin on film, look her up on Netflix or better still look on Amazon. Several of her films are now on DVD. Perfect tv for a lovely spring afternoon (even better if watched with the windows open.)