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Ok…that rips it. I have again proven that no matter how much you explore and learn, you’ll always find something that is worthy of a good eye-roll now and again.

Today, I had just such a moment.

I have been looking on the net to find out a few nuances regarding paragraph tags in HTML. (I know you might not be into HTML, but keep reading, cause I’m getting to the point.)

Knowing how prone I am to follow up on website rabbit trails, I started exploring one of the websites that came up in the search engine. Welll, this site in particular has a nav bar on the right side of the site (Which I think is great. I like right side nav bars in case you haven’t picked up on it yet.)

As I started reading all the links, I looked down and saw it. It stared at me matter-of-factly. A shortcut. A shortcut I should have known for years. Years, I tell you.

And yet, this is my first mindful processing of the shortcut. It seems that if you wish to place a website into your bookmark folder, all you have to do is *clearing throat* press the key plus the D key together.

Now, the key goes by many names. Which one it is called depends on which operating system you are using, or which computer culture is your favorite.

If you are more familiar with an Apple computer, this key is often called the Apple Key. Simple as that. Why is it called the Apple Key? ‘Cause it normally has a picture of an Apple printed on it. 🙂

If you are more familiar with Windows, the key goes by the name of the Command Key.

Now, just try using an Apple computer with a Microsoft keyboard that is tailored for Windows and see how fun your shortcut re-adjustments are!

So there you have it. I told you it was simple. *sigh* Oh well, it is all in being mindful of the text around you. In my case, being mindful of the text shortcuts listed in my browser menu for the past umpteen years.

Again, the shortcut for adding a site to your bookmarks is:

The key + The D key

Happy shortcutting!

Until Next Time,