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I have come to the profound conclusion that starting one’s day out by watching Downton Abbey is not the best idea in the world.

To compound the matter, in an effort to resolve a few questions the episode left unanswered, I went in search of the last few episode summaries of the season. No, it wasn’t smart. I agree with you. Lol…But “what’s done is done…you can’t, turn back, the clock (Thank you C.K. Dexter-Haven for that sentiment).”

In my sneaky detective way, I think I might know how the season ends and by the looks of things, one of the main characters doesn’t get a second chance… as according to the actor’s imdb 2012 film schedule, the actor has moved on from the show. Which my dear Watson, means the character won’t be at the Abbey! I shall not be specific in the event you yourself are watching the show and hate spoilers.

Suffice it to say, I request you pass the tissues. Both for those character’s whose lives are forever changed and for the sad realization we are not the script writers and thus are left to our own imaginations to re-pen the futures of those few characters in the Abbey who drew the shortest of straws.

Looking forward to a bit happier day than it started out to be,

Until next time. 🙂