First thing this morning, when I woke up and grabbed my cup of coffee, I discovered something – Monday came anyway. 😉

If you were an early riser today like me, you might already be pretty happy to take a break for today. They do say you should take breaks every hour, even every 10-30 minutes if you work on the computer a lot. So, let this break act as a push for you to 1.) Save whatever you are working on if need be, 2.) put down your to-do list and 3.) click the play button.

Za tune is: Red Rubber Ball and the video footage dates from 1966.

This song has a fun sound. It was co-authored by Paul Simon who gave The Cyrkle a shot at it. If you can ever listen to the song on vinyl it sounds grand as well.

Red Rubber Ball was recorded by several groups, with The Cyrkle recording it first. This is just the first version I ever heard and it was an instant favorite.