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Today finds me contemplating why it is that one can stay up ‘til just before dawn, turn in, and awaken wide awake just 3 hours later. It does not make sense to me. If only I had a logical hypothesis from which to work.

This question is agitating to me especially considering this has occurred four times thus far in the past week.

It is not that I do not sleep at night. I do. God’s deep peace was promised to the believer and I am completely in agreement with that heavenly benefit.

No, the reason I have been staying up until all hours of the morning is entirely of my own doing and choosing.

You see, I am a night person.

Yes, it is true. I’ve tried to be a morning person and in the upcoming months no doubt I will be setting the alarm clock once again. But since December, I no longer had outside elements requiring me to emulate the morning person’s routine. And as such, I have made a point to not set alarms and to not look at the clock at night with an analytical, strategical academic eye.

With no deadlines looming and no assignments pending, I have really been enjoying the extra time. I have traded hours of sleep for the adventures in several newly purchased books. (Reviews will be forthcoming.) The rest of the time, I have been staying up to work on website projects, listening to a long list of films and tv shows in the background – dvds that have been on the ‘Please Watch Me’ waiting list for way too long.

It has been fun. I am trying to take things one day at a time with small goals, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. I have been attempting to enjoy the journey of completing goals as opposed to only focusing on the final product. After all, when you finish the project, it is over. There is nothing else to be done but move on. So you see why I think it is more fun enjoying the construction process, no? (Yeah, I’ve picked up my second language studies again).

On the writing front, I have taken time to brainstorm a story-line I have been chewing on for a year or two. It started with the makings of a simple, sweet (and happy) Christmas short story (novel concept right?) only to evolve into a quite complex, interesting, and entertaining full-length plot.

I can see the places, the characters, and a hundred or so rabbit trails.

For my birthday last year, I was given a copy of Gilbert Morris’ book on writing, in which, he breaks down the novel’s structure like a meticulous demolition crew hired to preserve every detail of the house, even the wiring.

I have perused numerous such books and this one just stood out to me. I found out about it and quickly checked it out of the library multiple times in the last few years. I am happy to own my own copy (finally!) as I can now – don’t gasp – write notes in it! 😀

So, one of my next few endeavors is to take time to research the writing process and start scribbling.

Until Next Time,