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Alrighty – I know it is only January. I know it is still winter, at least that’s what my calender says. But I also know that today’s Take5 is one that needs to be fun and lighthearted. After all, it is Wednesday folks!

On that note, what better song to spotlight than this upbeat tune. This particular clip is great. I’ve played this song a hundred times I know.

According to the video’s caption, it was shot uninterrupted with several cameras. (You know they had to have had fun filming it.)

This clip not only has them all singing along with the title track – BUT – it has Godfrey playing with Doris for Que Sera Sera after they sing the Glass Bottom Boat.

Give it a listen to and tell me what you think. 😉

It’s nice seeing the main cast of the film singing together over dinner. They did a great job capturing the moment with the characters. Arthur Godfrey and Rod Taylor are superb in the film (along with Doris of course).

They made me want to pick up the phone and reserve a spot on that glass bottom boat for Saturday! 🙂