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Happy Monday folks! Let’s talk music in this s’wonderful ‘Take5’ start of the week. I don’t know about you, but I really like music (in case you haven’t picked up on it yet). One thing I think adds to the music experience is when different artists get together and cover songs. A family member of mine came across today’s clip and passed it on to me.

What do you get when you place Third Day and Brandon Heath together in a recording studio with only a video camera, musical instruments, and Rich Mullins’ classic Creed?


This brilliant video:


Doesn’t that video make you just want to pack up the car and go to the mountains for the weekend? Maybe it’s the sound of the song.

We’ve been Third Day listeners for a long time, and boy howdy do they give good live performances. I’ve been to several concerts, each of which were fantastic. I even found a guitar pick they threw from the stage. *grin* Mac Powell has a voice that music has to love. And if you haven’t heard much of their music, check ’em out. They’ve been around for a while, so bits of their sound has changed over the years, and I like it all. Oh, and did I mention that they now have a Third Day Concert radio station on their website? Yeah, I thought you’d be interested. (I knew I should have set up a pay pal button on my site so you guys could show your gratitude. *sigh*)

Brandon Heath has three albums that have come out over the past few years, all of which contain chart topping tunes. From serious and thoughtful to reflective and fun, his lyrics are a refreshing change for a genre that has gotten bogged down in chronicling the negative all to often. If you are the type to keep an ear tuned to the music being funneled in to stores, you have probably heard him singing. If you want a longer ‘Take5’ break, check out his song ‘Sunrise’ or ‘London.’ BTW – he’s got a music player on his site too. *smile*

You’ll probably see more of both of these artists appear as a ‘Take5’ over time. Hey, I’ve got to point out my favs right? 😉

Have a great Work-Week!