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With the middle of the work week upon our shoulders, I decided to go down memory lane. Do you remember certain scenes from flix you watched growing up? Some were beloved and some just freaked you out. Most of my movie memories, I do believe, belong to the beloved category – especially the music. I’d watch films with music tracks and just sing along.

Some of my favorites came from the black and white era of westerns. I’d grab my Stetson and play air acoustic guitar right along with the stars. While I liked several different western stars, several tunes always stood out in my mind (whether I liked or got tired of the film or not).

This song is one I found that comes from the western film Bells of Coronado. In the song, you have several people singing including: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, and the Riders of the Purple Sage. It is a short song, but one that stayed in this kids head for a loong time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (plus, you might say it could pass for a bit of an Irish flare, considering some of the lyrics).

The film itself was pretty good. But after seeing it the first time, I got tired of the melodramatic bad guy scene at the end. The western was in color instead of black and white. But all of the elements you have come to expect from a Rogers/Evans/Brady western were there. I think I’ll write a review of the film this year.

If you are a member of something like Amazon Prime or Netflix, search their catalogs for some of the western stars from this time period because you can watch many of the old westerns either for free or for a small rental fee.

Now – if today is a rainy day in your neck of the woods, close this window (after bookmarking my blog of course) and go use that smile you’ve been saving up. 😉

Happy Trails!