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Can you believe it? I’m still looking for last year’s forwarding address. That in itself could explain why I keep writing the wrong year, even though it’s been 2012 for almost a month.

But alas, while I still think 2011 was a pretty date on paper, I am looking forward to the new year.

So much happened during 2011. Good things. Time consuming things. New chapter things. But I won’t bore you with the details. 🙂

For the new year, I found myself getting spring fever January 1st. In the morning, not too early as I banished all alarm clocks from my area of the house for the first few weeks of the year, I got out the cleaning supplies and started in my office. Opened the windows, cleaned them spotless, and enjoyed the nice balmy 70 degree breezes. [We will not discuss the craziness of our local weather.]

Now, for those of you who followed my musings in the past, you might recall my habit of having something play in the background as I work. January first was no exception.

But what did I decide to play in the background and why did I pick it? Let me tell you the back-story: During our Christmas break, a family tv was going back and forth between two channels in an attempt to play the commercial-break game (didn’t work too well). One channel was playing a Chipmunks film (ahhhh..beam me up far, far, away) and the other was playing *drumroll* The Sound of Music. Just the name of the film creates images in your head doesn’t it? (I know some of you are cringing right now…I promise not to sing any of the addicting songs. *Grin*). Well, needless to say, I preferred to watch the later film. But as it was a busy time, I only got to see a handful of the key scenes.

Would it surprise you that on January first, I awoke humming several tunes from the said film and I simply had to get it out of my head? I didn’t think so.

With window cleaning put on hold for a few minutes, I raided my movie collection and pulled out the Sound of Music dvd from its quiet dwelling. It was quite nice. I enjoyed the music, the casting, the plot…and needless to say that by movie’s end, the cleaning was completely finished and the songs were no long dancing around in my head. This also means that I am no longer humming the tunes when I wake up. (I figure that will stay the same until I either I see part of the film on tv again, or I hear a tune being sung in a prank voice message.)

Until Next Time,