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Good Monday Folk!

Another weekend is over. Does anyone else feel like those weekends just fly by.

Oh, well.

Today I’ve got an instrumental video for your work break and you’ve got Pandora to thank for this one. I was playing one of my pandora stations and the song End of the Road started to play. It’s instrumental and noteworthy.

This particular song reminds me of something. A movie sound maybe. I haven’t figured it out yet….

The group performing is Umphrey’s McGee, a group I know zilch about. Yes, zero… which is hard to believe since it seems they have been together for about 13 years. Isn’t it amazing how you can still discover new music you’ve not heard about like that even today. Regarding their music lineup, it seems there is a music player on their website…and we all know we like music players.

I’m interested to see what their other music sounds like. If it’s instrumental or lyrical…and if lyrical what their lyrics are like. (Yes, I’m one of those types who actually hears the lyrics. 😉 ) Blame it on my writer/storyteller traits, but it’s a huge factor for me…which is probably why I like several of Jimmy Buffett’s tunes – he crafts a story into each song.

So Take5-ers, what do you think of today’s music pick? Do you know of other groups who have a similar sound? Feel free to share your favs in the comments below.