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Blast from the past: This was a post I wrote last year in the month of June. I decided to publicly re-blog it because I thought it would provide the pick-me-up you Wednesday Workers might just have been needing right about now. Enjoy!

So, with the newest release from The High Kings, reports have been circulating of music listeners breaking out into spontaneous dancing whenever the upbeat melodies are playing. Ok…well, I know that their new album Memory Lane has me tapping my feet along with ’em.
What’s that? You want to hear a sample of the upbeat music I’m talking about? Well, listen on…

By the By, for 2012, check out the current new release by The High Kings who were incidentally *clearing throat* the winners of the 2011 Irish Music Award in the Top Group Category. In my opinion they keep getting better and better (Now, if only they’d consider recording Roseville Fair…just a thought).