It’s hard to believe the weekend is already upon us. For some, this soon to be 85 degree day holds just another day at work. For others, it spells out a spur-of-the-moment ROAD TRIP!

However much I wish I could simply grab my camera and hit the road on some random countryside exploration, the day seems to default to none other than paper research.

In light of the fact that POSSCON is coming up…and considering I have an overly zealous teacher this term who expects everyone to research as if they were earning a Ph.D in operating systems (we’re talking a beginner’s operating systems class here folks), I’m having to do double time so that I don’t get behind.

And yes, the idea of seeing what POSSCON is really about and the energy fueling it is worth working on this glorious Saturday. Really.

What is on your Saturday agenda? Work, St. Pat Celebrations? College? Road Trips???? 😉

Until Next time,
Keep Living4Real
Whilst I have to go figure out fork and ls commands.