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Be sure to wear a bit of the green today. *grin*

This is a highlight of the month for myself, as it is the month wherein I get to celebrate Ireland! It’s so fun. Although this college term has me as busy as a beaver, I took some time out to find a few YouTube for the occasion, searching for some favorite musical moments. I hope there are a few that you enjoy and that get you prepped for this S’Wonderful day!

Until Next Time,
Keep Living4Real AAannnnnnd: Top o’ the morning to ya! 🙂

Proud to be Irish

The Happiest Millionaire – not my favorite movie (at all), but Tommy Steele, who plays the family’s new butler just over from Ireland, makes the film have a few grand moments, like the one below. Stick with it as this clip includes the crazy alligators in the beginning. The song is, “I’ll Always Be Irish.” This YouTube video actually has the lyrics included in the caption if you’d like to see ’em.

The Quiet Man – I wanted to show you the part where they are all singing in the pub, but alas, it’s not to be found on YouTube. 😦 But I found another video that will have to do. I chose this one because a certain lass is interviewed at the end of it, and I really thought that was cool.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Whilst this film is more about baseball, this Irish oriented scene is great. Gene Kelly preforms a fun little ditty at a party on the pier….and I thought it would be a fun one to add. (The whole film is filled with brilliant musical numbers btw.) One of me favorites.

The High Kings — Who could pass up singing this song on the 17th? It’s guaranteed to put a spring in yer step! (They did an amazing job putting their own spin on the melody. – Go check out their site…which you should join…just saying.)

The Irish R.M. — Now, this isn’t really a special thing for St. Patty’s Day…it’s actually a tv show that was shot in Ireland, which was based off of a book series written by two Irish cousins. There were only 18 episodes, but they are fun. This is the start of the first episode in the series…

Daniel’s Daughter — What can I say…it’s just one of the best films ever. Classy even. There are so many good scenes in it…the horrid directions, the fair, and ring…*sigh*…and the class. My hat is off to whomever wrote the script. It takes place in the town of New Kerry. Unfortunately, I could not find a fan video, so the (somewhat pathetic) trailer will have to introduce you to the film, WHICH you can buy on Amazon. 😀