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First of all, I can’t believe it is Wednesday. My week has been odd because ever since Monday, I thought it was Friday. Why this is I am not sure. I will chalk it up to a collegiate side-effect and move on. (Although, I will be grateful for the day I can start living through the week without it being from assignment due date to assignment due date!)

Considering the fact that I have a few assignments I have to submit this weekend, I have found it necessary to get up earlier than I have in previous days. Since my circadian rhythm has not be accustomed to such a routine-alarm buzzing in the ams for a while, getting up when those evil alarms go off can be a trick in itself.

Whilst reading though Amazon reviews one day a month or so back, I came across a product review that seemed to be ideal. The product was a clock that has wheels on it and when the alarm goes off, it leaves it’s place beside the buzzer-silencing fist and rolls all around the room it’s in. Now, I thought that sounded like it had possibilities. (I’d be mad as a hornet, but I’d be awake!)

The one problem was that the non-stationary clock was no longer being sold.

So resigning myself to the ownership of a stationary sleep-disturbing alarm, I spent a few minutes in search of an iPod tune that just might get me going at the inhuman hour I had to set it for. It took a few minutes, but I did find a song I thought would work.

How well did it work? Well, I’m up and writing to all of you with a semi-smile on my face – (hey…I am not a morning person by default here…in case you hadn’t put that together yet.)– and the alarm is still playing. I can’t bring myself to turn it off. So… I’d say it worked great.

I can see you sitting there right now going “Well, Living4Real, can you at least tell me what you played for the alarm???” Well sure I can. 🙂

I went for “Dreams” by The Cranberries – BUT – I keyed it up to about 16/17 seconds into the song – just after the opening heavy electric gave way to the lighter picking…so when the alarm goes off, it takes you gradually into the semi-upbeat song. (This being preferred over having to peel myself off the ceiling because of the rather abrupt start – we are talking before the sun comes up here ok.)

Now, the reason the alarm is still going is because the Cranberries song I refer to is, for me, within the soundtrack play-list for You’ve Got Mail….and who could possibly stop those songs mid way. Before the day is over with, I shall have to make a mental note to dig the movie out and watch it again. I like the film, but oh the power of a good soundtrack.

Sahara is the same way. Now that’s a soundtrack to own. And as crazy as it sounds, there are really a few noteworthy tunes on the *whispering* Music and Lyrics soundtrack album. Comes in handy when your leading actors can sing as well as act….but that is another blog entirely.

On to other fronts. I am excited because I’m soon to placing this term behind me. Finals are approaching. It’s odd actually because I feel like I just got out of the revolving door for midterms. But alas, I shan’t complain. Nope.

One final in particular I have a lot of studying to do. I studied as I always do for midterms, but it wasn’t as effective as I thought it was. So, for the rest of the next three weeks, my motto/prayer has been God, just help me finish strong. So here’s to that.

I don’t know about you, but I like to talk about something other than classes all the time, but when they are you’re main friends in life, that gets to be kind of hard no? I know some of you out there can relate. What’s that? I think I just heard someone say hear, hear. Ha. Told ya.

Anyhow. I had this TV show playing in the background called, *drumroll* I Spy. Honestly, I think it is one of my favorite shows. That and Rat Patrol are ranking very high at the moment actually.

I’ve checked I Spy out of my library before, and I thought I had watched every episode – between TV times and the DVDs. But how cool is this: I saw two shows yesterday that I had never seen before! That made my day. 😀

I was working on class work and realized I’d never heard this script before (it was playing in the background behind me). So, you know what I had to do….I found a mirror and propped it up beside of me on the table so I could see the TV from my work station. Haha…Personally, I thought that was ingenious. 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with either show – Rat Patrol or I Spy – check them out! They are fantastic. I learned about the Rat Patrol from a college class I was in…the teacher played an episode that correlated with a topic we covered the week before. Gotta love that.

So that’s my midweek in a nut shell. I know this is a bit short and rushed, but I’m happy to be able to pen this much as I’ve not had much down time for writing (but my voice recorder has come in handy!). This term is one that I shall be glad to have in my past. I’m glad it’s almost over. YAYAYAYAY!!!!! LOL.

So I hope your weeks go well and to your liking.
And until I can pen something again,
Just Keep Living4Real