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Last night was great. I had a somewhat tense day with college work – partly because of my own fretting about ridiculous required texts – and I was ready to call it a day. Turning in early, I tucked my little sweetheart of a doggy in her bed and turned on the telly.

The double feature of the night was to be Singin’ in the Rain followed by none other than Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Or more affectionately called 7B47B by fans who type the name out a lot. *grin*)

With the telly serenading me with witty scripting and memorable musical moments, I began perusing another book I checked out of the library. Its title is ‘Scenes From the City, Filmmaking in New York’ It’s about 286 pages and it promises me over 250 rare and awing cinematic pictures. We’ll see if it keeps its end of the bargain.

As I started looking at photographs and reading quotes and captions, I came to a statement that caught my curiosity. Now, if I asked you what page I stopped on to investigate this curiosity, and you’d heard my discussion two days ago during lunch, then you might just guess it right – I was on page 37. (If you haven’t heard me talking about that, page 37 is where I stopped on another film book I was reading two days ago. Pure coinkidink, but noteworthy none-the-less.)

Scenes From the City is interesting thus far. The stills and captions say it all and I like that.

Getting back to what was on page 37. Gene Kelly was talking about the experience of shooting On the Town on location for the intro in New York. The book shows several shots and talks about the citizens gazing in the background as Kelly, Sinatra, and Munshin sing.

Kelly said there was lots of “quick cutting…and thus the dissolve went out of style.” They would be in one location shooting and then cut to another location. This reference to the ‘dissolve’ intrigued me.

So, off I went to the wonderful world of the Internet, searching for the term. It seems that the dissolve is how they get one scene to fade away and fade into the next scene via double exposing the film by frame. As Singin’ in the Rain was playing on the t.v. I watched it during certain scenes to see this ‘dissolve.’ I was amazed at how often it was used in the film – I don’t think I had ever consciously noted it before.

In my Googling, I traversed the trails of Wikipedia and read more interesting facts about what is considered true jump cutting, the 30 degree rule, and the graphic match. This led to facts about the French New Wave, and the Hollywood blacklist that started around the 40s.

This led to more rabbit trails of directors, films, and actors whose work I had seen over the years, and whose work I’ve read about over the past few days.

I’ve come to the web rabbit trail part – just in case you hadn’t picked up on it yet.

After somehow ending up on IMDb.com, I remembered talking about Adam-12 earlier in the day and decided to search for it. We had watched an episode of the Rat Patrol where Martin Milner (who played Officer Pete Malloy in Adam-12) was a bad guy. 😦 I watched a bit of Adam-12 (courtesy of Hulu.com) and started looking at the filmography of the two main Officers – Milner as Malloy and Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed. It was fun to look through their acting careers as they both had played in other shows I was familiar with.

Under the bio for McCord, it mentioned his liking to work on his website, so – naturally – I went to Google. The bio page is a fun read. It talks about how he ended up acting on *clearing throat* The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, which was cool and there were a few pictures intertwined in the article of McCord with Ricky Nelson, Robert Hayes, and also with Martin Milner from Adam-12.

By this time in my web rabbit trail, my laptop announced that it was running on pure fumes and HAD to be plugged in. *sigh*

Thus ended my night of fun diversion from college life.

Sometimes you just need to jump into the pool of your favorite hobbies or current interests. Mine has been fiction and film for as long as I can remember. If you pick the right films, it is amazing how much of a respite they can provide.

So with computer happily plugged in, and the littl’ doggy fast asleep, I finished watching 7B47B (See how short hand comes in handy?)…and watching how they handled the ‘dissolve.’

I hope you enjoyed my evening adventures and took something away that you didn’t know before. And as the new day unfolds, I hope you find something in it to enjoy. Be it grace, love, sunshine, or snow…but if it’s snow, please keep it in your neck of the woods for I am truly tired of it for 2011.

So, I guess it’s time to say –

Until next time,
Keep Living4Real